Brake Flush Service Chicago

New drivers receive a great deal of advice upon finally earning their licenses. Of course, some bits of advice are more vitally important than others. “Don’t take your eyes off the road,” “avoid driving tired,” and “remember which side the gas cap is on” are among the most oft-repeated tips.

But what about the brakes? Almost everyone would agree that brakes are a vitally important automobile component. Most might also be honest enough to admit that brake maintenance can often be an unfortunate afterthought. In order to add to the amount of good advice circulating for new and experienced drivers alike, Continental Honda offers some safety insight courtesy of the dealership’s brake flush service in Chicago.

Brake Fluid Flushing Chicago

From brake pads to rotors, a number of auto parts work together to safely bring your automobile to a halt. Though not a component per se, brake fluid is actually responsible for causing the pads to press on the rotor and slow the rotation of the tires. Imagine your brake pedal as being similar to a light switch. In that scenario the brake fluid would be similar to the electricity that powers the light.

In the same way that a compromised current of electricity won’t turn the lights on, compromised brake fluid will not engage the brake pads. This means decreased stop power and increased stop distances—space that you may not have when driving in the city. Continental’s brake flush service in Chicago won’t leave you with the lights off however. Drivers can have their brake lines flushed and filled with fresh, functional fluid at Continental Honda.

Chicago Brake Fluid Flushing

Brake components are among some of the most punished car parts anywhere on an automobile. In fact, the high-heat, high-friction situations that brakes perform in contribute to the breakdown of brake fluid. Microscopic debris can build in the fluid from metal components that rub together, and moisture can seep in through porous brake lines. This is why Continental Honda recommends a Chicago brake fluid flush every 3 years. If you are unaware as to the last time your brake fluid was flushed, sluggish brake response may be a sign that your fluid would benefit from a flush and replacement.

The Continental Honda service department, along with the dealership’s brake flush service in Chicago, maintains a range of available hours for local drivers in need. Click above to schedule service or contact Continental Honda directly for appointment information.